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Moreover, because of the melting of ice, the climate of Northeast America and Western Europe will change. This is because water in the ocean has become colder. It happened because ice caps are the fresh water and when they melt they will be desalinate the water. The salt water is warmer than fresh water and if the water is less salty, then it will be less warm, therefore, cold streams will cool the area of around Northeast America and Western Europe (20 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming). So, because of impact of global warming, there is will be cold climate in some areas of the world.

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Economic factors Secondly, global warming leads to drought, destructive storms and floods. A hurricane is a tropical cyclone, which occurs in the territory of the Atlantic, Caribbean sea or in the East Pacific ocean. Hurricanes are formed due to condensations. Ocean temperature is the key factor for hurricane formation, because if the temperature of the ocean is higher, the evaporation will be more and then condensation will occur better.The consequences of global warming will invariably include the increased generation of storms and hurricanes with greater power and frequency. There is fact, which will support this idea: the destructive power of hurricanes has increased by 50% in the last 30 years, indicator is closely connected with the increasing of temperature of the ocean. Warmer water is reason for the greater evaporation, which in turn helps to not just the creation of hurricanes and cyclones but also to maintain their power once extant (20 Deadliest Effects of Global Warming). For instance, The Hurricane Sandy affected to Caribbean islands, Jamaica, Cuba, Bahamas, United States. Streets were flooded, trees and power lines knocked down. This hurricane was the one of the powerful and devastating hurricane. It means, that global warming can affect to the economic position of the countries in which was natural disasters. They have a catastrophic influence on economy of all countries, because there are several damages because of natural events. The buildings will be destroyed, roads will be deteriorated and infrastructure of the city will be destructed. The government will allocate a lot of money for restoration of buildings, roads and infrastructure of the city. For example, Sandy will end up causing about twenty billion dollars in material damage and ten billion dollars to thirty billion dollars more in losing in business, making it one of the expensive natural disasters on note in the United States (Superstorm Sandy: Facts About the Frankenstorm). So, from this evidence we can see that large economic losses are consequences of the negative impact of global warming on environment.

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Ocean Thirdly, global warming has several effects on the ocean. According to the questionnaire 70 percent of respondents claimed that global warming has dramatic impacts on the ocean. They believe that, because of global warming the temperature of the ocean will increase and sea level will rise. The sea level rise gradually, because of thermal expansion. The dark surface of the ocean better absorbs sunlight and because of this surface and deeper part of the water became warmer. So, it leads to rising of sea level.

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From this figure, we can see that sea level rose dramatically between 1992 and 2012.Annually the water in the ocean has increased on 3.2 mm and in 2012 it approximately reaches 6 cm (Ocean Events). It means that the water level in the ocean has increased and it can be threat for all mankind.The rising of sea level because of global warming has adverse effect on coastal environment and people. Actually, some largest cities all around the world situated on coastal areas. There are majority of people who live in low lying areas that are less than ten meter above sea level. If sea level increases, then these islands would be flooded and a lot of people will lose their homes or in some cases if people do not move to another place at the time, they will died. Then, in consequence some lands will be submerged such as, Atlantis that was immersed under the water and civilizations will disappear. So, according to the information above we can say that global warming can negatively influence on the ocean and consequences of this will be reducing of world population.

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However, global warming positively effect on agriculture. In some areas such as USA, Canada, Europe and Central Asia because of warmer temperature the amount of rainfall was increased and therefore the crops seasons became longer. The rapid increase of the lands that available for cultivation leads to growth of amount of natural resources. If crops seasons are longer then it brings more food and food industry will be improved. For instance, in recent years in the USA the food production has increased by 10% and it is expected that world food industry will rise by 50% in 2050 (The effects of global warming). It means that, USA will export more food products and will have greater income. It will be beneficial for economy of the country, as there will be increasing in Gross Domestic Product. So, according to this argument it seems clearly, that global warming positively influence on agricultural economic sector of the country.

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To sum up, there is no doubt that there are positive and negative effects of global warming on environment. The impact of global warming can destroy the habitat and threatens the extinction of species of plants and animals. Some civilizations can disappear. Also, it can be harm for definite sector of the economy however, on the other hand, it can be good opportunity to develop certain sector of the economy. So, to my way of thinking, global warming despite on its beneficial impacts has more adverse negative impacts.

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Burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas releases a huge amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is because almost all fossil fuels are made of mostly carbon (Singer). Fossil fuels are used for many things such as providing gas for vehicles and airplanes, heating homes, and powering electricity plants. Power plants are what humans use to convert coal into electricity (Khemani). Although scientists are working on ways to make the combustion of coal safer for the environment, they still have not perfected it. There are large tube-like structures attached to many power plants. They are also known as stacks. In many power plants across the world, these stacks are used to get the exhaust fumes out of the power plants (Black). The reason that this is harmful is because although a lot of the fumes coming out are just water vapor, other gases such as carbon dioxide are also mixed in. Carbon dioxide traps heat in the atmosphere, so these exhaust fumes are actually helping the process of global warming increase. Natural gas is a fossil fuel; however it does not create as much carbon dioxide as coal and oil do (Government Solutions to Global Warming). So if power plants used natural gas instead of coal and oil, they could reduce the amounts of carbon dioxide that get into the air (Government Solutions to Global Warming).

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Volcanic eruptions are a natural cause that can lead to global warming. Smaller eruptions can cause weather changes only in the areas around that volcano. However, larger eruptions from larger volcanoes can cause weather changes all around the world. Volcanic fog is a gas that forms inside of volcanoes (Rowland, Wood and Thomas). This fog contains a lot of sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, and hydrogen fluoride gases (Harpp). When volcanoes erupt, this volcanic fog and ash are what is going into the air. The eruptions also form a lot of carbon dioxide (Harpp).

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Global warming can affect the human body in a variety of different ways. Becoming dehydrated or having a heat stroke are caused when the body becomes overheated (Human Health). With global warming, these two things are more likely to happen because of the rising temperatures. An air pollutant called ground-level ozone forms when carbon monoxide and another chemical such as nitrous oxide get mixed together in extreme heat or sunlight (Human Health). When humans get exposed to this ground-level ozone, it cause respiratory problems such as trigger asthma, or the possibility of getting a lung disease (Human Health). The people that need to worry about this are mainly children, people with asthma, and older adults. When the temperature is hot, bacteria grows faster than normal (Human Health). Therefore there is an increased chance of getting salmonella or another type of food-borne disease. Ticks are also attracted to warm weather. They carry a bacteria called spirochete and when ticks bite humans or animals, the bacteria goes into their bloodstream (Lyme Disease). With the temperatures rising, the tick population is growing so people have a higher risk of getting bit.

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The human population grows every single day. Which means that there needs to be room on the planet for all of the new families. What people are doing to provide a community for these new families, is cutting down forests. This is also known as deforestation. Trees captivate gases that can harm the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide (Deforestation). So by cutting down forests, people are allowing carbon dioxide to stay in the air for a lot longer than they should. Trees are also the main source of oxygen. By cutting them down to make new communities, they cannot give off air which will soon make it hard for all living creatures to breathe. Farmers are the main people affected by deforestation, but they are also the reason why it occurs. They are cutting down trees so that they can plant their crops (Deforestation). What farmers are not realizing though, is that the more trees that they cut down, the more the soil is drying out. This will make it hard for their crops to grow if there is no moisture for their plants and crops (Evans). The crops that they can still grow, will most likely end up dying off because of all of the extra gas that is now in the air. Many plants and animals are losing their habitats, too. Trees provide shade for forests (Deforestation). However if they are being cut down, they can no longer provide this shade which would cause temperatures to rise tremendously high (Deforestation).